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Nazia Erum is the author of the critically acclaimed and hard-hitting book, 'Mothering a Muslim', which has been called an 'important book' for our times. Previously she has handled communications for the Global Fund in India and lead projects for development organizations including the UNDP. Presently she writes on the cross sections of gender, inter-faith and politics, mostly bringing to the fore that which was under-represented, under-reported or missing from discourse. She is also a leading voice in building inter-faith conversations. Her work has found mentions in the Guardian, Washington Post, BBC, Le Monde, Voice of America among other Indian and international publications.

Mothering a Muslim

The book that opened prime-time discussions on the telly and front page headlines in newspapers - It that lifted the veil on a taboo subject in India and showed how Islamophobia is internalized by all communities and by all ages. Urgent, gripping and heartbreaking, this is essential reading for every parent. Published by JuggernautBooks it hit bookstores in January'18.

Top #10 on Amazon politics or memoir and on Asian-Age top ten non-fiction list for 9 consecutive weeks.

Book Reviews

‘I read this book to review it, and I wound up reviewing not only the book, but myself, my family, my community, and my country. I can’t think of any other book I’ve read with such an impact.’

Hindustan Times

‘Hardhitting and significant.’

 Times of India


‘The book has started a conversation around religious hate... trended high on  twitter.’


'Looks for answers'

Voice Of America, VOA

"Chronicles ordinary discrimination in India"

Le Monde


"Disturbing & very brave"


"A very important book"

Asian Age 

"A hard-hitting book"

Mint Lounge


‘An important and timely book... a more journalistic account than any other related work on the subject in the country.’


"Moving & powerful... fill(s) a large gap in Indian literature"

The Wire

‘A collective memoir of Muslim motherhood in India.’


‘Focus on women and their stories allows the book to take a distinctly feminist outlook on religion and identity. Raises many questions... that send the mind reeling.'

Ladiesfinger / NewsLaundry


‘Sent shockwaves across the country. Takes a deep dive into these everyday concerns plaguing parents of the Muslim community in India.’


'Succinct, readable format without pointing fingers.'

Indian Express

'Lucidly written, insightful and hard-hitting, Nazia Erum's Mothering a Muslim is a timely and necessary documentation that should be essential reading not just in schools and colleges but also in law schools, police training institutes and other state-run and civil society organizations.'



"Meticulously researched and sobering. This is essential reading for all parents and all schools – and for anyone  thinking about the India which we want our children to grow up in."
Shalini Advani
Director Pathways School Noida
"Mothers of the others - this is a must-read. A sensitive, eye opening narrative which every parent and those who work with children must read."
Arun Kapur
Director, Vasant Valley School

Building Inter-faith conversations

TEDx Speaker

India Anchor series: Nazia Erum spoke on 'Confronting our conditioning' drawing from her life experiences and work as a once-entrepreneur.

TEDx Speaker: India Anchor Series
TEDx Speaker: India Anchor Series