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An author, communications consultant, columnist, TEDx Speaker and startup enthusiast. Her core expertise being creative story-driven content and multimedia - digital communication strategy.

From being trained as a journalist to being the youngest Indian to represent south-east Asia at the Global Fund Board, Nazia Erum believes in serially reinventing herself. She has researched and authored many publications for lead development organisations, documenting their work processes and growth story. Some of these are 'Closer to ground' for UNDP, 'Art of Resilience' for Francois-Xavier Bagnound India and the 140 yrs commemoration book of extensively researched stories for TLMTI's Princess Diana Center for Media. She has worked at startups, development sector, multilateral organizations and at MoHFW.

She also writes at CNN News18, Daily O (India Today group)and HuffingtonPost and is a panelist at various gender summits and television news debates. Next up is a book on Mothering a Muslim (JuggernautBooks) and a compilation of her experiences while working at the United Nations. She is also a winner of the Orange Flower Awards and runs TheLuxuryLabel.in, an Indian workwear brand for women.